The Fall Guy

Or "It never rains, it pours."

Well it seems that bad news comes to moi in packs.
Do you get "packs of bad news"? Or would it be "groups"?

Apart from the housemate leaving, and moi being unsure of who I can drag out to bar's for the around 15 months, I also learnt some other bad news.

Discussing with the guy I work with what dates he has off, I was in the process of planning my days off around V. (I think you can see where this is leading already...)
It turns out that he has booked the 21st off already. Which would be the day I return from V, meaning I cant be in work that day.
Now as there is only 2 people that work on this project, both of us can't be off at once. There is suppose to be a third person as immediate back up, but he was sacked the other week

What this means is that I can only book off the one day. I've paid £160 for the tickets, and will be the only chance I get to see Radiohead this year and the first time in a while. I MUST GO!

Which means Ill leave work in the unfortunate prediciment of having no one in that day. Which will get me told off alot.

The boss has plans to get someone trained up so that they can be immediate cover before, or for the beginning of August, so things might not be too bad here.

But what do I tell the boss?

Im thinking book off Monday, then call up work from the Fesitval Monday morning to say there was a "problem with the car and that Im returning home soon." And that Ill try to get to work.

But can anyone think of something better to say? Im worried if I say something before hand that he will say no way, then when I do take the day off he will think I'm unreliable.
Would you say that sounded about right?

What do you think?

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The Roomie

Or "This one goes out to all the shiney happy people!"

Right OK. I give in. I need to take a break from that blimin frog game. Thanks Rudette, this will keep moi annoyed until at least I get home. And then some.

Anyway, I learnt some sad news the other day. Well I've known it for a while, but it was brought back to light at the weekend.

When I moved to Leeds I was hoping to meet loads of ace people and make many friends. The housemates were pretty cool. There was the quiet one that was nice and worked in a record store.
The other was an part time actress, and such employement she met loads of people. So we went out alot.

A few weeks ago the actress room mate moved out for a few weeks to do some plays on the road. You know the types, where they go visit schools and talk about stuff, like women's rights and what not...hmmm

Anyway, before she left she mentioned that she might be going to some drama school for a year in September.
She came back last weekend for two days. Just to change clothes, sleep in her own bed. The subject again came up about her and her long term moving out.

Then yesterday on the way to the pub quiz the quiet housemate was asking if I had an preferences to who moves in. Im not that bothered (a girl - only joking....).

But I've realised that despite having a great time when I first moved to Leeds, everything quietened down once the fun housemate left. Now in September the fun housemate will be gone for a long time. This will mean I will have no one at all to drag out, or be dragged out by.

I just hope that who ever the new housemate is, that they enjoy the night life a bit. I think Ill put my foot down at anyone over 30. For my own sanity.

In other news, this made moi laugh.
Dog Joke

And Senióretta Killjoy, I promise, as soon as Zoolady sorts out those photos Ill have them posted. Blame the hot weather.

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The Band

Or "I was the third member of Milli Vanilli."

I did want to write about a new band I saw last weekend at the Wireless Festival. There was a music video and everything. I thought it might be a nice way to start your weekend. New bands, new songs.

But my photographer hasnt sent moi all the photos, so that will have to wait till next week.

This week instead I'll do a little something for Senióretta Killjoy.

I've been asked to do a "Hot or Not." You know the score, I post a picture, you score whether it's Hot or Not?

Now, as my photographer is unable to send my ideal photo, at the moment (Senióretta, you should see my other photo, I look stunning) I'll start with this one....

ActionMoi! Bottling the Fett's.

Some might say that this is not moi fighting, but moi screaming, to that person I out, the tall men gave moi their number, I can call them at any time.

Anyway, sorry about the size of the photo, but hopefully I'll have a better photo next week. It's a lot better.

Before end, I couldn't put them in the title without a quick mention, so....

One of my favourite song's of all time. Yessssss!

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Linkage and porn, Word!

Some stuff I saw,....

For all the female readers, here is a cute kitten.

Yessss, silly cute kitten. Maybe it was looking for the mouse!

Gang of thieves, calling themselves "Noah's Ark," stealing animals from zoo. Yikes, it looks like everyone best go visit the zoo's NOW! before all that's left is cage's.
What is not known is if Zoolady is involved in this, what with ehr plan of making a giant Zoo Island. Becareful America, you're next!
New's article goes on to say one case involved a gang trying to steal a lion! I'd like to see how that would work. What were they planning on doing? Sticking it up someone's coat? Maybe putting a coat and hat on the lion and telling everyone it's one fo their sick aunties from Eastern Europe?

Year's after my duct tape underpants gallery (you may still be able to see that on google image), there is now a new fashion, ... duct tape fasion. (Well that was a crap build up)

I'd love to see that Citreon transformer take on....

Optimus Prime!

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The Crisp

Or "Everyone knows the score. It's written on the walls."

Well on my dinner break (dinner means lunch to all those reading outside of Runcorn) I hopped over to the city to hand in some holiday forms and also pick up some washing up stuff, for moi and the dishes - must remember, "blue for moi, green is not." Well I seen that the cheap supermarket was selling Pringles at a ridiculously low price of 69p. And these are the big Pringles too. And the ingredients are written in English, not Arabic, so I know that they arent cheap Pringle's.

So I brought them back to work, share them out with people and currently stuffing my face with them. Which might of been stupid as I'll ruin my tea. (People outside Runcorn, tea means dinner)

But Everyone knows, that;

A recent photo of moi at work.

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Just to Show Sometimes I am Right

See Zoolady, the Sylvania Families DID live in Farthing Wood. Fact.

What's even more astonishing is that they were not rejected by the regular animals for wearing clothes and living in luxury three storey houses.

Prrof that the Sylvania Families did live in Farthing Wood And now I have proof to back this up. Yessssss

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The Festival

Or "I wonder if they have classes to teach festival basic's."

If I'm at all wanting to enjoy the whole V Festival (Staffs) then I need to do things slightly different to how I approached the Wireless festival.

I mustn't:
-drink too much,
-drink too soon,
These two lead to falling asleep at random times.
-not eat slightly dodgy burgers,
-if a stage/tent is too loud, to walk a bit further away. The music can still be enjoyed from a distance and without causing major headaches
These two lead to feeling unwell and wanting to head home before the last act.

This isn't too say that I that I didn't have fun this weekend. Completely the opposite. Great laughs, seeing new bands and some very memorbale moment's.

I cant wait till I get on that coach to head to Weston Park in just over a months time.

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